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Buying a home is one of life’s most exciting milestones.

Your first smart move?
Seek the expert guidance of Lia Williams

Your house is not just your home, it is a major investment in the dwelling, the area and your future. Lia’s expertise and experience will seamlessly guide you through this exhilarating adventure. Full of anticipation and emotion, this process is also fraught with a long list of items to take care of to ensure a smooth and successful purchase. Taking care of details, large and small, is our specialty. Can you shop for, look at, and ultimately make an offer on a home without a real estate broker? Yes, but why would you make one of your largest investments without professional advice, advocacy, and the benefit of representation backed by decades of navigating real estate transactions in our area? Not only will she help you identify properties of interest, arrange showings, and ultimately handle the offer and contract process, Lia also has a knowledge of the market you don’t possess. She will listen to your needs, advise you on the positives and drawbacks of homes and neighborhoods, suggest hidden gems, and give pointers that will help you make the best decisions for you. Here is a general step-by-step guide to what, in practice, is a very personalized process:


- As a long-time resident of the Triangle, Lia has extensive knowledge of our marketplace. She has the expertise and connections to make sure you are informed about all of the options available to you and to guide you to the area or neighborhood that best suits your needs. 

- Your smartest first step (after choosing Lia as your advisor & REALTOR®) is to talk with a lender so you have an accurate picture of your comfortable price point. We are happy to provide contact information for local lenders with whom we have had positive experiences.

- Lia will save you time by listening to your requirements and desires, thus narrowing your search to those homes and areas that would be of real consideration. Information gathering, whether it be about schools, community organizations, services and activities to utilities, houses of worship and medical care, is our pleasure. Happy to provide personal resources such as dry cleaners, veterinarians and hair salons, we want to make sure your transition is wrinkle-free.

- While looking at property together, you will find Lia very knowledgeable about construction, layout, and design. With a razor sharp eye for detail, having helped create blueprints, provided interior and exterior design consultation, Lia is adept at providing insight and suggestions toward livability, updating and ways to add value for resale.

- If you are an out of town client, Lia will email you listings, preview property on your behalf and send you photographs/videos of potential homes and areas. If circumstances dictate, we have helped clients purchase homes without their physically being at the residence until just prior to closing.


- Then we find your new home, answer questions and resolve any concerns, Lia will counsel you on structuring your offer and deposit, prepare the paperwork, present and negotiate on your behalf with the sole focus on securing the best possible terms for you.

- Upon acceptance of your offer, Lia will help you coordinate information flow between you and your lender.

- Lia will also handle any communication between you and the sellers through their agent. Being an integral part of our local real estate community for years, Lia personally knows most of the real estate brokers in our marketplace. These relationships greatly facilitate positive transactions.

- At this time, we will discuss having inspections such as home, termite and radon. Again, we are happy to supply names of reputable tradesmen with whom we have had good experiences. We set-up these appointments and will attend with you or on your behalf. After we have results, we communicate with the seller’s agent and handle any further negotiations.

- If any surprises arise during the process, Lia is your advocate and expert with the goal of resolving issues to your satisfaction.

- Lia will communicate with your lender from acceptance of your offer to closing to make sure loan approval is on track.

- Upon selection of a closing attorney (once again, we will provide you with names of attorneys we have had positive experiences with), we share the necessary information and schedule closing.

- We present you with utility contact information for your new residence so you can arrange for service prior to your moving date.

- At the closing table and beyond we make every effort to serve your best interests. As a sounding board, a resource, a confidant and real estate experts, we endeavor to earn and keep your trust and respect.

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