About Elena

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Meet Elena

Professional problem solver who always adds a dollop of fun. Mistress of catchy one-liners, Elena is a pleaser and bestower of random acts of kindness. Incredibly responsive and there-for-you in every way, she gets it done while bursting with new, better, and clever ideas.
Elena, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and an award-winning graphic designer, began her career in residential real estate in 2001. As Chief Catalyst and Ambassador of Buzz for Erika and Co, she is responsible for herding cats and dynamic firework displays. Her specialty is engaging her creativity and eye for stellar design to ensure Erika and Co listings steal the spotlight. From brochure creation to broker-to-broker marketing and beyond, Elena’s open mind and fresh ideas achieve great results for clients.
While getting a buyer’s attention is the all-important first step, being on top of every detail is how we make big things happen. With a knack for conceiving systems that work and an aptitude for technology, Elena’s hand can be felt in every smooth step of the journey to sold.

Work with the Best

We love what we do, are passionate about real estate and pay close attention to all details to ensure clients have the utmost positive experience. We believe in teamwork and blend extensive real estate knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity to deliver exceptional service. Your success is our success. There are many choices in real estate, why not choose the best.

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